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your free to post here However You invest time and folks Invest equal time seeking Items they are willing to Barter-Swap/Trade Skills or Items Of Equal Value so Post good stuff get Great Offers! Post Junk...Its waste of time! Barter Up! Post up to 12 Pics have any trouble Posting?  Just Click > Do It For Me Please  and send Your Pics and prices or Pics/Links and Skills offered ETC... and we Post for you !** Percentage of Transaction Charged BBB** Only if successful Transaction remember the 1st 3 trade transactions Free!

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$ELL... Cash or Donate Free*Pay It Forward* Be Awarded BBB Bucks Share The Wealth & Allow Others to Sell and Help Themselves! You Can Simply $ELL for cash too.

However we just feel good Giving a Hand Up and Paying it forward is Our Nature... 


Hey You Made it! BARTER BING BANG Is Your One size FITS ALL for Negotiating Trades or Swaps and Barter your Skills ! we Offer unique solution to Swaps of different  values using BBB Bucks! Yes you can Buy/$ell on site too! But your empowered to use Solid investments Owned already! Negotiate Wheel and Deal Your Skills or Products.

Liquidate Overstock, Get Home Repairs done or offer Mechanic services on site...BARTER and Trade get What-Y'All-Want Cash Free! so Barter What-Y'All-Got! Embrace the 2nd-Hand economy and Share the wealth...Got $TUFF to Give? Pay it forward! Donate? Swap and Trade for Locally sourced/farmed/Grown fresh foods. Trade standing trees for Portable Sawmill Lumber...Options are endless! Register add Add Your Wish-List so Traders can find your Needs too! Its All Free!  3 Transactions 100% FREE! Barter-Bing-Bang Youll Be Back at small % of Trade value and that can be in BBB Bucks in Your account ! CA$H- FREE! In YOUR Bing-Bang-BOOTH* is Everything Your Offers Your Swaps YOUR $tuff! YOUR Account settlements Pending/Past and where you make updates All In Your Bing-Bang-Booth.* after Registration No Cards Required! everyone can Earn BBB Bucks by Referrals! 3 Registered Referrals *Your friends* Your settlements include Perks! Good Ones as We Build a Good Barter web Base we Make Friends! Live Chat with members Online Or search visible or invisible? YOUR Choice... View and leave FEEDBACK on any or Every Transaction So avoid members w/Bad reviews Two Bad Reviews may Require Paid Validation before any further Transactions.